Lego Certified Professional – Haulage Company Lorry

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Here is a new one that I have only seen once before on eBay.  This one was just listed today here.

He has a few more pictures on the post.  Here are some details about the set.

30 Years Kennedy Transport

Designed by Duncan Titmarsh
Produced by Printabrick.Co.Uk under the name HAULAGE Company Lorry
This Set is extremely rare, there are only 100 units worldwide

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One of a Kind – Official Lego Universe Prototype Minifigure with 3D printed capsule from Lego

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I saw this post on reddit yesterday and I reached out to the person that posted it for a few more pictures and some backstory on this.  The individual that posted this worked at Lego as the Community Manager for the Lego Universe Game and he went by the name “Elementron” in game play.  If you played the game, you may probably crossed paths with him at some point!

While working on the game, he was given this amazing Lego Prototype minifigure and 3D printed case of this personalized Lego Universe Minifigure.

It sounds like Lego was considering selling individual minifigures that the players designed in game and one reader on the post confirmed this with this picture that was sent out as part of a Lego Survey to some of the players!  See here for some details regarding the Minifigure Factory –  This link also has what some of the options for the different figures were potentially going to be!

It is unfortunate that this never became a reality, but it is super sweet to see that this prototype survived and was not stuffed in a toy chest somewhere.   Here are some more detailed pictures of the minifigure for you to look at.

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Possible Free Express Shipping for Lego Millennium Falcon Since the stores will not get many of these sets to sell tomorrow

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I have heard that the stores are only getting a few of the UCS 75192 Millennium Falcon sets each tomorrow and that they “might” have 30-50 coupons to hand out for free EXPRESS shipping.  I assume that this is to take sme of the pressure off since the stores are not getting many of these sets!  Just to clarify, shipping on this set is most likely already free, this is just to upgrade to EXPRESS shipping.

Good luck and hurry up to get yours tomorrow.  Here is the link to order online if you are a VIP customer.   Click here.  I believe that the order online is only if you are a VIP customer.

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Last week I shared this display  of SDCC figures  from K & S Lego’s Facebook page.  See here.  

 Display Case Here

In searching for details of this display case, I came across Enoch’s  (Facebook Profile) collection as well.  Enoch has a spectacular collection of Official Lego and really outstanding custom Lego Super Hero minifigures that I thought I would share with you.   I collect some customs minifigures as well in the Super Hero line when Lego does not produce a counterpart because we are still missing so many great super heroes.  One of my favorite facebook groups to look for new customs is This group here called Taiwan Lego Minifigures Club.  I have to use Google translate, but the array of unique minifigures is fun.

Here is Enoch’s Collection Below and I count about 42 cases of about 50+ figures in each.  This is definitely one of the biggest collections I have ever seen in one picture!  Please take a look and enjoy!

Here are some up close detail figures as well!  This collection is huge and looks outstanding.


Thanks for looking and please send me pictures of your collection of you would like to have your display featured as well.


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