Get you First Order General 5004406 at Toys R us starting on 9/25

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It looks like Toys R Us is giving away the First Order General Polybag free with any $30 Lego Star Wars purchase starting on 9/25.  It appears to be in store only and while supplies last.    Most likely, they will start selling them later if they have any left.


Thanks for looking.  You can see the ad here.


First Look at Lego Beatles NoWhereMan Minifigure from Yellow Submarine set

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A reader “JB” just sent this image in to me over Faceook.  It appears to be the NoWhereMan from the upcoming Yellow Submarine set!  I think it looks like a pretty good use of the Nexo Knights figures.  I think we still have a few figures to go!

Lego Beatles Minifigures from Yelow Submarine Set - Nowhereman minifigure

We saw the 4 main Beatles characters over the weekend here.

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Lego Beatles Yellow Submarine Minifigures – John, Paul, Ringo and George

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We saw the John Lennon Minifigure a few days ago and now the same reader (KostKyGo) has supplied pics of the other 4 minifigures as well!  Thanks!  I am being told that these are the final figure designs.

Lego Beatles Minifigures from Yelow Submarine Set

I think that these look great and will be part of the up coming Lego Ideas set that will be released shortly.  See here.

Lego Beatles Minifigures from Yelow Submarine Set - Ringo Star Minifigure Lego Beatles Minifigures from Yelow Submarine Set - George Harrison Lego Beatles Minifigures from Yelow Submarine Set - John Lennon Minifigure Lego Beatles Minifigures from Yelow Submarine Set - Paul McCartney

These look pretty similiar to the minifigures submitted as part of the ideas project and I think that they will be fun.  I dig John’s teeth!

Lego Ideas Yellow Submarine Beatles set

This is part of the 2017 Rumor Mill that I posted yesterday.  See here.

Lego 2017 Rumored Set List

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Lego Halles Paris Exclusive Minifigure Pack spotted on eBay

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You can see it here on eBay.  I never picked up the other Paris set, so maybe I will get this one!

Lego Paris Grand Opening Set Halles

It looks like these were distributed today as part of the grand opening celebration of this store.  See here and here and here

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Complete Compiled list of all 2017 Lego Set Rumors that I can find

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I found that this site had quite a few if not all of the 2017 sets listed already, so I decided to start a full list and see if I could locate them all.    I also found quite a few complied lists over on NeoGaf, Eurobricks,  brickipedia and theBrickfan as well.  Sorry, no pictures just yet!

I did not count as I am planning to keep updating this list, but it looks like we have close to 200.

Lego 2017 Rumored Set List

Pirate of the Caribbean in 2017


One set is rumored – XXXXX – Dying Gull or Silent Mary Ship in the $200 to $200 range.  Just2Good is also suggesting that it may be The Black Pearl again.

Lego Ideas – Approved Projects

Lego Ideas Saturn Rocket

XXXXX – Saturn Rocket – Probably One Space Minifigure
XXXXX – Beatles Yellow Submarine – John, Paul, Ringo, George Minifigures

Lego Beatles Minifigures from Yelow Submarine Set


Lego Architecture 2017

Sydney (21032)
Chicago (21033)
London (21034)
Guggenheim Museum (21035)


Lego Minecraft 2017

Mushroom Island (21129)
Nether Train (21130)
Ice Towers (21131)
Jungle Temple (21132)
Witch House (21133)
Secret Waterfall Escape (21134)

Star Wars 2017 1H:

Lego Star Wars 2017

75144 UCS Snowspeeder – No Minifigures
75160 U-Wing Fighter (Microfighter) –  Rebel Pilot Minifigure
75161 TIE Striker (Microfighter) – Tie Pilot Minifigure
75162 Y-Wing Fighter (Microfighter) – Rebel Pilot Minifigure
75163 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle (Microfighter) – Imperial Officer Minifigure
75164 Rebel Battle Pack – Rebel Minifigures?
75165 Imperial Battle Pack – Storm Trooper X2 and Death Trooper Minifigures
75168 Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter – R2-D2 and Yoda Minifigures
75169 Landspeeder – Luke, Obi-Wan. c-3po and Tusken Raider Minifigures
75170 Phantom Mark II – C1-10P, Kanan Jarrus (blind) and Grand Admiral Thrawn Minifigures
75171 Bunker Battle – Cassian Andor, Good Guy, Shoretrooper X2 Minifigures
75172 Y-Wing Starfighter – Pilot X2, White Wookie, Astromech Droid and Imperial Officer Minifigures
75173 Duel of the Fates – Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth maul Minifigures
75174 Desert Skiff – Han Solo, Chewbacca, Boba Fett and Weequay Minifigures
75179 ROTJ Rebel Hanger?  – Lando Calrissian, Rebel Pilot and Crewman Minifigures
Rogue One Buildable Figures (January)

75523 Shore Trooper – ? Minifigures
75524 Chirrut Imwe – ? Minifigures
75525 Baze Malbus – ? Minifigures


Super Heroes 2017

Marvel – see here and here on eurobricks.

Lego Marvel Super Heores 2017

76071 Mighty Micros: Spider-Man vs Scorpion – Spider-Man and Scorpion Minifigures
76072 Mighty Micros: Iron Man vs Thanos – Iron Man and Thanos Minifigures
76073 Mighty Micros – Wolverine vs Magneto – Wolverine and Magneto Minifigures
76076 Captain America Jet Pursuit – Captain America, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) and Super Adaptoid
76077 Detroit Steel Strikes – Agent Coulson, Detroit Steel and Iron Man in Invincible Armor
76078 Hulk vs Red Hulk – Red Hulk (Big), Red She Hulk, She Hulk and The Hulk (Big)
76079 Guardians of the Galaxy Set 1
76080 Guardians of the Galaxy Set 2
76081 Guardians of the Galaxy Set 3

Lego-2017-Marvel-Mighty-Micros-Minifigures (1)

Lego Marvel Hulk and She Hulk vs Red Hulk and Red She Hulk - Copy


Lego DC SUper Heroes 2017
Mighty Micros: Superman vs. Bizarro (76068) – Bizarro and Superman Minifigures
Mighty Micros: Batman vs. Killer Moth (76069) –  Batman and Killer Moth Minifigures
Mighty Micros: Wonder Woman vs. Doomsday (76070) – Wonder Woman and Doomsday Minifigures

Lego DC Mighty Micros 2017 Minifigures

DC Super Hero Girls 2017 – See here for more details on Eurobricks.

Lego DC Super Girls Sets 2017

41230 Batgirl’s Batjet – Batgirl and Yellow Crystal Creature minifigures
41231 Harley Quinn’s Cafe Rescue – Harley Quinn, Steve Trevor and Green Crystal Villian Minifigures
41232 The High School – Supergirl, Poison Ivy, Poison Ivy Creature, Additional Bad Guy and two Crystal Creature minifigures
41233 Lashina’s Action Rider – Lashina, Krypto the Superdog and Blue Crystal Creature Minifigures
41234 Bumblebee’s Helicopter – Bumblebee and two red Crytsal Villian Creature Minifigures
41235 Wonder Woman’s Dorm – Wonder Woman and Crystal Creature Minifigures

JUNIORS 2017 1H:

Lego Juniors 2017

10734 Construction Site
10735 Police Chase
10736 Anna & Elsa’s Ice Playground
10737 Batman vs. Mr. Freeze
10740 Firefighter suitcase
10746 Mia’s Stable suitcase
10747 Andrea & Stephanie’s Beach Vacation

Disney (was Disney Princess) 2017 1H:

Lego Disney Princess 2017

41143 Berry’s Kitchen
41144 Petite’s Riding Set
41147 Anna’s Freezing Adventures
41148 Elsa’s Winter Palace
41149 Moana Set 1
41150 Moana Set 2

Friends 2017 1H:

Lego Friends 2017

41300 Puppy Championship
41301 Puppy Parade
41302 Puppy Salon
41303 Puppy Playground
41304 Puppy Park
41305 Emma’s Photo Studio
41306 Mia’s Beach Bike
41307 Olivia’s Inventor Lab
41308 Stephanie’s Bakery
41309 Andrea’s Show
41310 Heartlake Present Service
41311 Heartlake Pizzeria
41312 Heartlake Gym
41313 Heartlake Swimming Bath
41314 Stephanie’s House

Technic 2017 1H:

Lego Technic 2017

42051 Airport Rescue Vehicle
42057 Helicopter
42058 Stunt Bike
42059 Stunt Truck
42060 Street Working Cars
42061 Telescopic Handlers (?)
42062 Container Transport
42063 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure
42064 Searching Ship
42065 RC Tracked Racer
42066 Air Race Jet

Nexo Knights 2017 1H:

Lego Nexo Knights 2017

70347 Bike of the Royal Guard
70348 Lance’s Double-Lance Cruiser
70349 Ruina’s Cage Roller
70350 Triple-Rocker
70351 Clay’s Blaster Falcon
70352 Jestro’s Monstrous Monster Vehicle
70362 Action Clay
70363 Action Macy
70364 Action Aaron
70365 Action Axl
70366 Action Lance
70372 Combo Nexo Powers (Series 1)

Ninjago 2017 1H:

Lego Ninjago 2017

70621 Vermillion Trap
70622 Desert Racer
70623 Shadow of the Destiny’s Bounty
70624 Vermillion Infiltrator
70625 Samurai Turbomobile
70626 Disastrous Dusk
70627 Dragon Forge

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Lego Ninjago Movie 2017

Ninjago Movie 1 GA (70606)
Ninjago Movie 2 (70607)
Ninjago Movie 3 SA (70608)
Ninjago Movie 4 MP (70609)
Ninjago Movie 5 JS (70610)
Ninjago Movie 6 SC (70611)
Ninjago Movie 7 LD (70612)
Ninjago Movie 8 NW (70613)
Ninjago Movie 9 JJ (70614)
Ninjago Movie 10 KM (70615)
Ninjago Movie 11 ZT (70616)
Ninjago Movie 12 BS (70617)
Ninjago Movie 14 NC (70620)

The Lego Batman Movie

Lego Batman Movie 2017

Lego Batman Movie 1 70900 – ?
70901 – Catwomans Cycle – Batgirl, Robin and Catwoman Minifigures
Lego Batman Movie 3 70902 – Batcave? Alfred and Brice Wayne?
Lego Batman Movie 4 70903 Killer Croc?
Lego Batman Movie 5 70904 – Killer Kroc?
70905 – Batmobile – Batman, Robin, Manbat and Kabuki Twins
70906 – Joker’s Notorious Lowrider – Batgirl, Harley Quinn and the Joker
Lego Batman Movie 8 70907 – Penguin Minifigure
Lego Batman Movie 9 70908 – Barbara Gordon, Batman, James Gordon, Robin and Poison Ivy Minifigures
Lego Batman Movie 10 70909 – ?
Lego Batman Movie 11 70910 – ?
Lego Batman Movie 12 70911 – ?
Lego Batman Movie Collectible Minifigures – Unknown minifigures but see here

Speed Champions 2017 1H:

Lego Speed Champions 2017

75877 – Mercedes-AMG GT3
75878 – Bugatti Chiron
75879 – Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H
75880 – Mercedes Pit Stop
75881 – 2016 Ford GT & 1966 Ford GT40
75882 – Ferrari FXX K & Development Center
75883 – Formula 1 Mercedes AMG Petronas



Lego Creator 2017

31056 Green Convertible
31057 Helicopter
31058 Dinosaur
31059 Road Racing Machine
31060 Airshow Attractions
31062 Research Robot
31063 Beach Holiday
31064 Seaplane Adventure
31065 Townhouse on Park Road

CITY 1H 2017

Lego City 2017

60135 Police Quad
60136 Police Starter
60137 Police Service Truck Heist
60138 Police Chase
60139 Police Mobile Operations Center
60140 Bank Robbery
60141 Police Station
60142 Money Transport
60144 Sports Plane
60145 Beach Buggy
60146 Monster Truck
60147 Fishing Boat
60148 Pickup with Quads
60149 Transporter with Catamaran
60150 Pizza Van
60151 Dragster Transporter
60152 Digger with Truck
Elves 1H 2017

Lego Elves 2017

41181 Naidas Gondola and the Thieving Goblin
41182 The Capture of Sophie Jones
41183 The Evil Dragon of the Goblin King
41184 Airas Airship and the Hunt for the Amulet
41185 Magic Rescue from the Goblin Village

Dimensions 2017

Lego Dimensions 2017
71243 Hermione
71250 Ghostbusters Reboot 2
71252 Knight Rider
71254 Teen Titans Go
71255 Teen Titans Go 2


Thanks for looking

Lego Real Mr Gold Compared to Fake Chinese Mr Gold Minifigure

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I found one of these on eBay and I decided for $10 or $11 bucks, I would see how it compares with a real Mr Gold.  I am using Mr Gold Number 4057 and an eBay special Mr Gold picked up on eBay.  I believe this was the one I picked up here, but I am not positive.  The one I picked up was removed for copyright infringement.  🙂  Go figure!


Here is the video of the two.  I am starting to have fun with these videos, but I still need some more practice!

Overall, I was really impressed with the figure.  The printing was very good.   As for the finish, it was also very nice.  The fit was not as nice.  The legs were a little loose.  Once arm was too tight and the hat is too tight.  I am sure that is fallout fromt he chrome gold coating.

Also, I had to put the arms on my self.   Putting the arms on is very, very difficult!

You can see all of the ones that I have found out on the internet here.

Thanks for looking



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