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K. Brown posted a few pictures of his son’s minifigure collection in a rocking display case this weekend.  The case is a custom LED lit display case that looks to hold at least 320 minifigures and appears to be about the size of a door in your house.    K. Brown stated that he made this case from scratch.

As always, if you have a good idea for a display case, please send me a message on Facebook and I will post your collection!  You can see some of the other collections that I have posted here

When I saw this case, I immediately started looking around my Lego room to see where I could put such a display!  I am always looking for new ways to display minifigures and this looks like a great option.   The lines on the case are very clean and it looks like it is pretty easy to take figures in and out of the case.

This case has LED lights that change colors as you can see in the picture below.

Ken said in his Facebook post that he will try to post some instructions soon.  I will let you know if I see these.

What an awesome looking case.

Bricksanity has created more custom Lego Batman Movie Minifigures that you ever thought possible

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I am a particular fan of the Ghost Batman and Bruce Waynes shot parents!  Edd Pearson over at sent over these pics of some of the Custom Lego Batman Movie minifigures that he has made a few months ago.  I was pretty impressed and it has been fun to watch and see which ones that Lego has made over the past year!  Which ones do you like the best?  You can see more pics on his Instagram page as well here

My personal favorites!  So many different ones.

Here are the other ones.  🙂



Lego Batman Movie Promotional Cube – limited and hard to find – Anyone know more about this set?

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I saw this set posted on Facebook earlier today and I contacted the person that posted this as this is the first time that I have ever seen this set.   The poster stated that he saw this at a store in his area in PA and that it is for sale at that store.  The poster said he will get me a contact email for the seller and I will add this later.

I am not sure how many of these were produced or how they were distributed and I am very curious if anyone knows.  Please let me know.  I love finding out the details of these promotional items.  🙂

Thanks for looking



Extremely Exclusive Lego Wooden Wu Minifigure revealed – Yes – it is really made of Wood

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This figure is so exclusive that only 4 were made as movie props for the Lego Ninjago Movie.  In Extremely rare and it appears that at least one had made its way to the wild.

Source Twitter here

Well, that is if you consider Simon Lucas, senior creative director at LEGO and executive producer of the LEGO Ninjago Movie having it to be in the wild!.  This morning, he posted this tweet showing one of the 4 Wooden Wu minifigures that were created as props for the Lego Ninjago Movie.  He commented in the tweet “I just realised that I might have one of the rarest mini figures on the planet”  and I think I may have to agree with him.

EDIT:  I think that this figure deserves a special place on the top 100 list and I gave it the number 2 position to go along with his statement “one of the rarest figures on the planet!”  See my updated top 100 list here

He also stated that he did not get the case for the figure 🙁

This is a really neat find and I think it may deserve a spot near the top of my top 100 minifigure list.  See here.  I may just do that today.  🙂

He also added a picture of scratched up LLoyd as well.  See below.

Thanks for looking

Lego Certified Professional OMICRON Power Transformer Set from Austria

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I do not know much about this set.  This is supposed to be a Lego Certified Professional set produced in Austria.  I found this one here on eBay as well

Thanks for looking

I will add this to the list of all of the others.  You can see them here  You may need to wait for a sec while the list is created.Just keep scrolling.  I think I have found about 50 of these.

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