Lego Minifigure Price Guide – Top 100 List of Rare and Expensive Lego Minifigures

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See a compiled list of the top 100 Rare and Collectible Lego Minifigures compiled by their current resale value.  This list is the top of the top of the over 5000 Minifigures that I have listed.

This list is compile based on prices for Minifigures from eBay, Amazon and Bricklink as well as my gut for these figures after collecting for over 15 years.  In general, my prices are based on the figure in an open mint unplayed with condition.  If a figure is shown in the case, then it is supposed to have the case in the condition shown.

An exception to this rule are the SDCC figures in the clam-shell case that they came with.  All of these figures are priced base on the assumption that the case will come with the figures.

For example,

Please let me know if I missed any that you know of!batman

Thanks for Looking.