www.minifigs.nl link added to all Star Wars figures

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I just added all of the links to my detail pages to the corresponding http://www.minifigs.nl page.

ScreenHunter_15 Dec. 31 09.12

Minifigs.nl is the ultimate resource for all Star Wars figures.  No one keeps track of all of the star wars figures as accurately or completely as he does.  here is the description from his page.

“MiniFigs.nl or swMiniFigs.net is a databank with all ABS LEGO® Star Wars™ minifigures that are part of an official LEGO Set or that can be attributed to an official LEGO, LEGOLAND® or LEGO Store program, activity, event or display. Have fun!”

My favorite part are his quest book and the Bricklink to his database so you can see the variations that he has found that Bricklink does not have listed yet!

See here for the guestbook 


here for the Bricklink 

I have added a link to my details page for each variation that he has listed in his database.  I will keep this updated on a regular basis,

I suggest that you head over to his site and check it out if you have not already and if you are a collector of Lego Star Wars figures!  He has about 20+ figures that are not listed on Bricklink.

He also has an active discussion going on variations and prints of the different figures as well as some of the fakes that have been found out in the wild.

He allows you to actively search the figures by set, type, affiliation, date and many other ways.

You can see a picture of his full collection here.


He also has a few ways to view all of the figures at once.  I really like how he has kept all of his images the same size and in doing so, divided the Jabba’s into two images that he combines back together in the full collection!

New Lego DC Super Heroes Exclusive Minifigure Revealed. Lightning Lad

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This looks to be another Target Exclusive set.  I guess that the first one sold well enough that we will see another of these.  I personally love the design of these boxes and I hope that they continue to produce more.  I think that the packaging was perfect and that the price of $15.oo US was spot on as well.  You can see a video of the packaging here, I also embedded the video a little further down in the post as well.

It looks like the set number will be 5004077.  This make sense since the old one was 5004076.

I will add these to the Price Guide as they become available to the general public.  I think that right now, it would incorrectly make it into the top 100 just because someone will pay the $112 just to have it now.

Super Heroes DC Lightning Lad –

Lightning Lad

Image courtesy of Taobao

Super Heroes DC SuperBoy from Original Set.


I will say to Lego if they are listening, that they should not stick capes in this box.  The cape on the Chima figure looks like a silk shirt that just went through the wash and not on delicate.  Here is a pic of the cape.

Crumpled Cape

This image above is a copy of the one posted to the Chinese Auction site since that will soon disappear.  I cannot read chinese, so I have no idea how many of them are for sale.  I also do not know what  ¥699.00 is, but Google says that is is about $112.00 US dollars.  At $112, he should just sell it on eBay since he would probably get a little better price.  But maybe it will sell for more on Taobao.  Who know.


I had to look up who the heck Lightning Lad is.  According to http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Lightning_Lad he is

“Lightning Lad is a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th Century. Born on the planet Winath, he gained electric powers during an encounter with Lightning Beasts on Korbal. He is known for being fun-loving but hot-headed and aggressive. Every Winathian has a twin, and his sister Ayla is Lightning Lass. The exception to this rule is his older brother Mekt, who was labeled a freak and became the villain Lightning Lord. His best friend is Legion co-founder Cosmic Boy, and his wife is co-founder Saturn Girl. Their two children are Graym Ranzz, and Garridan Ranzz who grows up to become the villain Validus. In Reboot Legion continuity, Garth uses the alias Live Wire. This version has also been a member of Workforce. In Prime Legion continuity, he uses the name Lightning Lad again. Lightning Lad was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, first appearing in Adventure Comics #247. (1958) ”

Here is a much better explanation of him.  I will not copy this one here as it is a pretty large book.


Additionally, here is a pic of the front of the comic that he first appeared in.  This is an image hosted on


Now, I read a lot of comics as a kid and I never remember this one coming up.  Not even once.  So it was either a weak read, or I missed it.  So I have to assume that this figure will be a one off exclusive that will only show up in this set.  That is unless they have a new movie coming out this summer that I am not aware of.

I am not sure if the other three figures are exclusives or not.  I would assume yes based on the last set, but I will let someone else figure this out as I do not collect these.  I will however, post images of the first target exclusive set under the new ones so that you can compare the figures and the box art that is included in this set.  Finally, you can also see a video of the first set here as well so you can see what the packaging looks like.

Chima Sir Fangar Image courtesy of Taobao

Chima Sir Fangar


CHIMA Fire Lavertus from the original Target Exclusive

CHIMA Fire Lavertus

City Explorer Diver Image courtesy of Taobao

City Explore Diver

City Swamp Ranger from the original Target Exclusive

Swamp Ranger

NinjaGo Kai Image courtesy of Taobao

NinjaGo Kai

Ninjago Lloyd Green Ninja DX from the original Target Exclusive.

Lloyd Green Ninja DX

Again, it looks like to can pick this up if you can speak Chinese.  If anyone knows the set number from the bottom of the box, pop me a message or let me know.  I would like to have it.  However, I imagine BrickSet will have it shortly.

Two New Minifigures Spotted in the Wild. Admiral Yularen and Trickster (Ugly Yellow Figure)

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These look legit based on what we have seen recently.

It appears that you can buy these right now if you can read Chinese on the Chinese Auction site Taobao.  Good Luck!  I am not sure how many that they have, but they are probably due to the fact that they were both being manufactured in China and someone took a few samples home.  If you scroll down, you will also see pictures of the Target Exclusive and the Bizarro Batman as well.  We may have to start checking this site a little more often!

I wonder if Lego cares about this, or if they consider all of the free press a good thing?  What do you think?

For credit, I found these on Eurobricks and Wikipedia, but I believe that GrooveBricks broke the news here.


Everyone in the rumor mill believes that this will be a free promo with purchase for the annual May the Forth be with you.  I think that this is a little week for that promotion, but it may be the only way that will will see a little known character like this as a minifigure.

Here is a huge description of Admiral Yularen from


and here is a brief one from http://www.starwars.com/databank/admiral-wulff-yularen

“ADMIRAL WULFF YULAREN An admiral in the Republic’s service, Yularen served gallantly in the Clone Wars, commanding a Jedi Cruiser in many campaigns against Separatist forces. Yularen was assigned to serve with the Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, and the rigid officer and the impulsive Jedi made for an odd combination. Yularen admired Anakin’s bravery and instincts in battle while deploring his recklessness and willingness to interpret orders creatively — or ignore them altogether.”



I am not sure about the Trickster, but it looks like a book or DVD packaging.  Both of these were found out on http://en.brickimedia.org here and here.

Lego Trickster confirmed to be part of DC Heroes Justice League Movie

Here is a brief description of the Trickster taken from http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Trickster

“The Trickster is a member of the Rogues and enemy of The Flash who commits crimes using dangerous gadgets themed after practical joke elements. His most notable invention is a pair of shoes that allow him to walk on the air itself. He has also been a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Secret Society of Super-Villains. There have been two super-villains to use the name, former circus acrobat James Jesse and teenage hoodlum Axel Walker. Trickster was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, first appearing in Flash #113. (1960) Axel Walker was created by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins, first appearing in Flash (Volume 2) #183. (2002) ”

Here is a picture of the first comic that he appeared in for those that are not familiar with him.  Image courtesy of http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Flash_Vol_1_113

I am not sure if we have a new movie coming, or if this will be part of a DVD animation that will be released this summer.  I poked around a little and I see a Flash Movie in 2016, but that is too far off to release a figure for it already.  I did however find this article.


Where is looks like we have a Flash TV series coming out in 2015.  In the past, these series have not been stellar, but based on my watching of Shield and Gotham this fall, I will definitely give this a try.  Those two shows have been top notch.

I also found and auction for Bizarro Batman as well.  This is currently available for pre-release purchase here at Amazon.  Take a look.  they have great pictures of the figure on Amazon already.

You can order it here.  Amazon


The batman figure looks fun and I will have to have one, but I am suprised that they think kids will like Batzarro.  I used to cringe when superman had Bizarro superman in it and I just passed right by the Batzarro issues.  Who knows, maybe they will be great!

Lego and Mega Bloks Price Guide – Find it here

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I have changed the site a little to make it a little more user friendly.  The original price guide is still under the covers here.  Please review it and met me know if you think we are missing any main themes that you would like to see.

I have not added town or city minifigures because I do not collect them and they are a little hard to price due to the fact that they are not highly collected and that about 2000 of them exist.  All with very minor differences.  If enough people complain, I will revisit this decision.


You will also notice that I now have menu’s at the top of the site to get directly to each set of figures easily.   The site currently list the historical and current prices for about 2500 figures and counting.  Additionally, the prices are updated on a bi-weekly basis.

Please let me know if you run into any issues.

Thanks for looking.


Lego Winter Soldier Minifigure Spotted in the wild – Official

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Recently quite a few lego blogs have been talking about a rumor that Lego will be producing the winter soldier minifigure in 2015.   I kind of thought if we were going to get one of these, that it would have been when the film was released this summer.


For those of you that do now know, here is a brief history of this character.

“James Buchannan “Bucky” Barnes was an ally to Captain America and assisted him in various missions as a member of the Howling Commandos. During one mission he was seemingly killed in action by falling off a train on the side of a mountain.  However, he survived and was frozen like Rogers. He was revived and received a metal arm, but lost his memory. He was trained to be an assassin and given the code name Winter Soldier, and sent on many missions.

He fought with Captain America, who managed to restore Bucky’s memories. Bucky then re-teamed up with Rogers, and inherited the mantle after Rogers’ death.”

This is per the comic books and more specifically  per Lego lego.wikia.com

Based on all of the rumors that I am hearing, they are going to kill off Rogers in this summers movie and replace him with the Winter Soldier.

This disappoints me a little since you cannot ask for a better Captain America than Chris Evans in my opinion.

Bucky Barnes was also seen in the the Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game and was also released as an exclusive at the 2012 New York Toy Fair in February 2012.  He is currently 7th on the top 100 most expensive Lego Minifigure list.  You can see him on the list below.  I also posted a picture of him next to a standard Captain America from my collection below.

See here Top 100


However, we have not seen any official images of this figure until earlier this week when flickr user “tormentalous” posted these…  See Here

These images were also posted on Imgur and Eurobricks.  See Here , Here and Here.

Based on our first look, it appears to be the comic book version and not the movie version?  I am not sure why.  However, after reading abunch of the posts on Eurobricks, it may be a combination of the figures from both the movie and the comics.  I am not enough of an expert to make a call on this.

A few additional images were posted on Eurobricks yesterday as well that show the back of the figure, the side of the figure and the figure without hair.

I am not sure when this polybag will be released, but the figure looks great from what I can see now.  I have heard rumors that it will be released at the same time as the Lego helicarrier in March and others have said with the Movie next summer.

However, thebrickfan just made this post on eurobricks pointing to here on their site listing out all of the promos for the year.  In this article, it states that the Winter Soldier will be a promo in June.

“The Winter Soldier polybag will be available as a gift with purchase in June while the 76042 Avengers Helicarrier will be available for VIPs in February and public release in March.”

Some other notable sets in the above post include the 71016 Simpson Kwik-E-Mart, the 10248 Ferrari F40, 10247 Ferris Wheel and the 75059 Star Wars UCS Tie FIghter.

It also appears to be packaged in the same way that they package most of the promotional figures, so the above is most likely correct based on this.

This will be a nice addition to the Lego Super Heroes line in my opinion.  I love these characters!

But only time will tell for sure.

2012 New York Lego Toy Fair Exclusive Captain America and Iron Man Minifigure Details

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photo courtesy of http://lego.wikia.com

As I have stated before, I am a huge minifigure collector.  But my first love was comic books when i was a kid back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  So back in 2011 when when I heard about Lego getting possibly marvel and DC superhero figures, I was floored.  I thought Mega Bloks had at least the Marvel line tied up.  But then these two press release articles were released at almost the same time.





And just like that, they dropped a bomb on everyone.  I had not even heard rumors of all of this.  What did this mean to me personally?  It meant that I was going to have to stop collecting only Star Wars figures and look into the Super Hero figures also.

They then went on to announce that they will kick this all off with a few exclusives at the 2011 SDCC Comic-con.  I thought that is the end of my wallet.

http://minifigpriceguide.com/wordpress/wb-builds-on-lego-partnership-2011/  3000 batman and Green Lantern figures to be given away.

I will remind you, that my primary goal at the time was still collecting star wars figures and that these were a distraction from my main obsession.  So in February of 2012 when I was watching eBay and all of the sites for the exclusive star wars figure to be released that year as part of the 2012 Toy Fair, I was thrown off when I found out that it is was really a set of Super Heroes figures and not star wars figures.

“Iron Man and Bucky Barnes Captain America”

See here for current prices for these figures.




Here is the article on FBTB that originally informed me of this.  http://www.fbtb.net/2012/02/12/lego-toy-fair-exclusives-2012/

I immediately started watching ebay for every variation of these figures so I could catch them as soon as people started posting them.  Well me and every other Lego obsessed collector.

“Toy Fair 2012”

“ToyFair 2012”

“Toy Fair Lego”, You get the idea.

Finally, I found a few later that evening on 2/12/212 and they were priced at the ridiculous amount of $400 and I thought, those will never sell.  But sure enough, a few minutes later they were gone. 🙁  I continued to watch for more and finally an ebay member named Druid was selling one with the bag for $225 buy it now and free shipping.

“Toy Fair 2012 Lego Exclsuive Avengers 2 pack”

Note the misspelling.   I think that this is the only reason that I picked this up at such a good price.  BAMM!  I bought it and waited for it to arrive.

In hindsight, this was when people started paying silly money for lego figures.  Before this time, you could still get a Cloud City Boba Fett for $80 – $100 and Watto fir about $45.  After this, who knows.

These Iron Man and Captain America figures came with the two figures and a bag.  Some people were also including the lanyard as well which indicated which of the 125 figures that you received.  I did not get the lanyard with my set, but at $225, I was OK with that.  I did receive the bag, but I quickly listed the bag on eBay and sold it for $125 alone so my final price for the figures was only $100.  Not too bad I thought.

I sold the bag for two reasons.  I had not way to display it and it looked terrible.  It was dented from the figures and it was silly to keep it when people were willing to pay so much for it.  I am not sure if the was the right decision, but I am planning to keep these figures, so it will never affect me.  🙂

The Lego group produced 200 of these figures.  I have not been able to get a solid number, but I have met people that worked for Lego and stated that another 75 of these were produced and given away internally.  These did not come with a bag or the Lanyard, but they  are the same figures.

These two figures were modeled after the comic book characters instead of the movie characters as you can see in the images.  The other main differences with the figures as as follows.

Here is a side by side of the front of these figures next to the standard one that was released in the sets.

20141226_110845 20141226_110640

  • The shied that Bucky is holding is a much smaller and flatter circle than the one that was finally releases.  It is also made with much duller colors.
  • The iron man figure comes with a printed face instead of the helmet that was released later.  This is a more classic minifigure style.
  • The printing on each figure is obviously also different.
  • The faces on both figures are much more serious looking.
  • The Captain America is the Bucky Barnes version instead of the Steven Rogers version as was released in the sets.

Here is a side by side of the back of these figures next to the standard one that was released in the sets.


20141226_110929 20141226_110714

Here are two 360 degree videos of these figures.

Here is a picture of the bag and the figures and the lanyard.

Here is the back of the lanyard.

Lanyard Back


Details about the 5 Solid Gold Lego C-3PO minifigures given away by Lego. Where did they go?

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Coming in on the list of top 100 figures at #2 with an estimated value of $10,000 to $15,000is the Solid Gold C-3PO

I have never been able to find any of these for sale, but I did find this very nice replica on eBay here.  I am thinking about pulling the trigger since I will never get a real one and the price is pretty reasonable.  It looks like he has sold 19 of these and the feedback is still 100% positive.

Solid 14K Gold c-3po Minifigure Replica

Way back in 2007, the Lego put out an announcement for a contest on the back of the March April 2007 Lego Magazine.  Nothing special was announced other than this and I remember seeing this and thinking that this is the end of my Lego star wars minifigure collection as they were about to release a minifigure that I could not have.

I had been carefully collecting every star wars figure and I am a bit of a completest.  It has always been all or nothing for me.   Before you ask, no, I do not have one and I had to get over this in order to continue my collection.  Lego Super Heroes helped me with that!

On the back cover of this issue, was the following advertisement.   “These are the droids you are looking for.  GRAND PRIZE FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN WIN ONE OF FIVE SOLID GOLD C-3PO MINIFIGURES Details in the next issue of LEGO Magazine!”

Back Cover

March April 2007 Lego Magazine Back


Front Cover

March April 2007 Lego Magazine Cover

I carefully cut this picture out and saved it with my bills thinking maybe I will get lucky or someone will sell it on eBay for a reasonable price.

A few months later, the next issue came.  The September to  October 2007 Issue.  I tore through this issue to see how I could win this.  Do I need to build a great creation?  Do I need to buy the most Lego?  Do I need to make a Lego film?

Front Cover

September October 2007 Lego Magazine Cover

On page 19 of the magazine, they had the following advertisement.  In the advertisement is a small blurb containing the following text.

September October 2007 Page 19

“Can you spot the golden C_3PO in the scene?  When you have found him, turn to page 24 to find out how you can win a solid gold droid of your own.”

I thought, I can find this!  Maybe the first person to find it and send in a note wins!.  Heck, I thought I am competing against ten year old kids.  How hard can this be?

Well I tried and tried, and I cannot find the gold figure in this picture.  I even looked again today.  Those must be some pretty smart ten year old kids I thought.  If any of you know where it is?  Let me know.

I still cannot find it.  I posted 4 more up close pictures to see if that helps anyone.

20141223_101314 20141223_101349 20141223_101409 20141223_101427


After my failure, I turned to page 24 of the magazine to find this ad.

September October 2007 Page 24 full


“This is it – your last chance to enter to win one of five 14-KARAT GOLD C-3PO minifigures in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Star Wars?  For a chance to win, send a postcard with your name, age, address and daytime phone number to: Golden C-3PO Contest P.O. Box 1179 EnField, CT 06083.  All entries must be received by November 1st 2007!  5 winners will be randomly chosen from all of the entries received.  Winners will be notified in December 2007!  Dood Luck, and may the Force be with you!

WAIT…. I thought.  Last Chance?  Where was my first chance?  Then I looked at the date on the Magazine.  Did I miss one?  I went back and looked through my magazines and I did not have a May June 2007 issue and Nothing in the July August 2007 issue that I could find.

Quick Update.  I am going to order a May June issue off of Bricklink and see if I can find it.  8 years later, but Why not just for curiosity?

Here are the images that I was missing

May June 2007 Lego Club Magazine

May June 2007 Lego Club Gold C-3PO

May June 2007 Lego Club Magazine


May June 2007 Lego Club Gold C-3PO AD


and finally the July August issue had a very small reminder.

July August Lego Club Gold C-3PO

Someone just pointed me to this image on Brickshelf.  Is this the one I am missing?  I am not sure what this is from.


hmm.  This looks like the same pic here taken from 2007 toy fair.


and here

Here is the motherload of images from the 2007 toy fair from Jedi Temple Archives.  See the first one below.


So, I quickly filled out a card and mailed it in.  Then, I filled out a few more for my wife and kids.  Then I thought about that movie from the 80’s called Real Genius where Lazlo pulls up in an RV with all the stuff he won from the Frito Lay contest by using a computer to create millions of entries.  Hey, I write computer software…


Then I say back and waited for my Gold C-3PO to arrive.  🙂  It never did.  But then, I thought I will watch eBay and


Finally, in January February 2008 issue, Lego let us know who won.  These 5 people were announced on Page 19.   I was surprised that they posted the names.  What was Lego thinking.  People will hunt them down.

I thought, maybe I could contact them and see if they want to sell?  I also thought me and 5000 other people.  But laziness prevailed and I never did.


JAN FEB 2008 LEGO CLUB Solid Gold C-3PO

And that was it.  The hunt was over.  I did eventually find an article on Eurobricks with a picture from one of the winners.  See this article for details.


I sure would like one of these to go with my other 600+ star wars figures.

Here is an update on the one owner that surfaced on EuroBricks.


August 2014

“Over the last couple years I have had several folks seriously inquiring about purchasing this piece. At this time my son has still not sold it. He has entertained a couple of legit offers but in the end he can’t get himself to sell it. He starts college this fall and thanks to his hard work in high school and great test scores he is not in immediate need of cash. As I have stated before I will post if and when he sells this thing to keep everyone updated. On the flip side should anyone catch a sale of any of the other 4 I would appreciate a heads up to educate us on where the market is on them. Thanks and good luck.”

Jim H must be Andrew’s dad I am guessing.  He has stated that he knows the head comes off and he thinks that the arms and the hands move.

Here is another article over at Brickset.  I am not sure how I missed this one when I was poking around.


Finally, I have heard rumor that Lego produced two more of these for Executives at Lego.  But that is just a rumor!

Here is the list of the Top 100


and the Detail page for C-3PO