80000 Euro 1 Ton Lego Collection from 1978 to 2014 Selling on www.2ememain.be

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I am not familiar with this auction site, http://www.2ememain.be/ but a reader sent me this link this morning and I thought some of you might want to browse the auction.    It is hard to tell all of sets that are included, but obviously a hard core collector that has decided to quit.

80000 EURO Lego Collection


You can see the fill auction and more pictures here.  You will need google translate.

Per the auction.

“I’m selling my collection of LEGO covering the period 1978-2014, with more than 2,000 models and weighs nearly a ton. I took full advantage, but the time and the interest now fail me. So it’sa proper collection consists mainly of complete models and to a lesser extent, parts and sorted. The brand has always been maintained with care and precision by an adult. When a model has been used, it is in a clean condition (cleaned by hand if necessary), complete with all labels and in superb condition. The last picture shows the typical packaging for such a set. In addition, all models are documented, thanks to more than 12,000 pictures (16GB). The asking price is honest, well below the price of walking if you buy models individually. I am often willing to sell the collection from the specified starting price. I insist on the total sale, I do not sell models individually or by batch. I do not hurry, the collection will not be sold off. The buyer is responsible for transport. I moved last year and I have therefore a good idea of the magnitude of the task. It takes a good week to pack everything, 120 large moving boxes and a truck to the lot in one go. I still have the packing material that I provide to the buyer. The collection will of course be checked thoroughly in advance by the purchaser. Bonus: The buyer may also include the shelves. It’sa 60aine a shelf Ikea Laxvik (aluminum / glass) for a purchase price of € 744. A list (Excel) detailed and many additional photos can be sent to potential buyers. The collection: many themes are present, but it’s one of the city which is mainly represented. The vast majority of models are new or near new condition. Some figures: – ± 2,000 complete sets including: • 208 train models (122 in original box) • 1063 models of the city (800 in original box) • 310 sets figurines (263 in packages) • 47 models of pirates (26 in the original box) • 7 sets Classic Castle (all in original box) • 30 sets Classic Space (all in original box) • 29 Star Wars sets (24 box original) • etc. – ± 1,400 original boxes / packaging – 827 new boxes – 126 new boxes from before 2000 – ± 3,250 figurines – the first 10 sets of miniatures, complete with bags, flyers and box original 60 sachets – ± 550 bases plates, half street – 161 wagons and locomotives – All 9V trains, all trains RC (radio controlled), all trains PF (Power Functions) and some 12V / 4.5V . Many duplicate models. – 1367 rails (± 170m) of which 400 9V, 250 12V, 600 RC and 54 monorails. – All official sets of the City products between 1978 and 2014 – Legoland, System, World City and City – are present (except models ‘junior’ end of ’90). – the majority of promotional models of the city between 1978 and 2014 – Many old and new boxes sealed LEGOLAND / SYSTEM such as 4561 (9V), 7823 (12V), 7824 (12V), 7835 (12V), 7839 (12V), 7866 (12V), 730, 6349, 6543, 6378, 6385, 6386, etc. – Several models LEGO Dacta – All models 171 official City (2005-2014) are new except for small boxes 5 – 9 the first houses of style ‘CC’, including 10182 Café Corner and 10190 Market Street. They have been mounted once and have their boxes and manuals. All other boxes are still closed. – Many new sets and set the value 10000, such as: 10041, 10152, 10155, 10173, 10177, 10183, 10184, 10185, 10194, 10197, 10199, 10200, 10210, 10211 , 10213, 10216, 10218, 10219, 10220, 10221, 10222, 10224, 10229, 10230, 10231, 10232, 10233, 10235, 10243, 10244, 10245 – Over 400 special sets’: promotional, limited editions and exclusives – weight sets: 800kg, Unit weight: beyond 1 ton – Many advertising, brochures, catalogs, flags, displays and promotional materials (incl giant figure.) – Several original LEGO furniture – Many sets are present several times (eg 63x car of 6506 police) – Full sorted individual pieces, additional figures, reserve building plans as well as original boxesand much more, but it is difficult to name everything”

Thanks for looking and I hope that you find this interesting

Sharks Alligators Tigers and Scorpions – Four figures to add to your collection that you may not know about

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I recently saw these four figures in a photo on flickr and I did some research to figure out where they came from!  What is special about these is the fact that all four torsos kind of go together and are animal themed!  It is too bad we did not have a lion and a bear, but these are still pretty nice.  Additionally, these are currently really cheap and easy to get a hold of on ebay and bricklink.

Lego Whales Crocs Tigers and Scorpions Minifigures Front

Here are the backs and the sets that they come in.  They also come in other sets as well, but this should get you started.

Lego Whales Crocs Tigers and Scorpions Minifigures Back

I did find one seller on eBay selling three of these.  He is just missing the alligator.

BTW, here is the pic that JeRoMe made.  Of course it is better than mine!  If you get a chance, take a look at his photostream, you cannot go wrong looking at his!  He has one of the best on Flickr.


Lego 1282 Lego 1283 Lego 6519 Lego 6707

Thanks for looking


Lego 71013 Banana Man and Female KickBoxer First Pictures Surface

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It looks like the poster of the Series 16 Flier has started to post pictures of some of the minifigures as well now.

We are up to two of them.  The Banana Man and the Female Kickboxer.  You can see them both on this facebook page or by clicking on the image below.

Lego 71013 Banana Man and Female KickBoxer First Pictures

I was alerted to these picture by this blog here.  loserlab.tw.  Very nice find indeed!

14 more to go.  Here is the flyer in case you have not seen the others.

Thanks for looking


Stick Some Lego to Your Light Switches – You can never have too much – Right?

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I just saw this over on Amazon and I was wondering how my family would like these all over the house!  You could just store your minifigures right next to the light switch!  They are pretty cheap.  $11.20 for a 2 pack over on Amazon!

61JpYfSX+qL._SL1001_ (1) - Copy

Source Amazon here

Thanks for looking – Please note, this is not an official Lego product.  It is manufactured by a company called ThinkGeek.