Lego Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure Rumor Mill

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A picture was posted here on reddit some time ago, but it is now long gone.  I believe that the image was originally posted on a facebook page “AnyBrick” or “SomeBrick”.  At the time, everyone decided that it was fake.  However, now new rumors are surfacing over on Eurobricks here that it may be real, or a preliminary design.  See here.  According to the post, here is possibly the potential list.  Since we have seen some of these already.  See below, the list can only be partially correct at best.


SInce some of these have been used, I still think that we will see a few of these here.

1 – Tooth Fairy Batman
2 – ?
3 – Glam Rock/ Kiss-style Batman?

Lego Batman Movie Glamor Batman Minifigure (7)
4 – Caveman Batman? See here – Not what it will look like in my opinion.
5 – Excalibat (from Dimensions)

6 – Duck Floaty Batman  See here 
7 – Chef Disguise Joker
8 – Harleen Quinzel (from Arkham set?)

Lego Batman Movie Arkum Asylum
9 – ?
10 – Barbara Gordon? –

11 – Inmate Joker (from Arkham)

Lego Batman Movie Arkum Asylum
12 – Boxing Batman (from Batcave)

Lego Batman Movie Batman with Purple Boxing Gloves Minifigure (8)
13 – ?
14 – Clock King See here
15 – Red Hood – see here
16 – Orca? See here
17 – Eraser See here
18 – ?
19 – March Har(riet)
20 – Catman – See here

We have seen a few of these already.  I added links above.

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8 Iconic Lego Sets Retiring Soon Per the Lego Group

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EDIT:  I noticed that the Lego group is limiting the purchase of some of these set on their site such as the Pet Shop and Sydney Opera House

I personally have all of these except for the Sydney Opera House.  I am going to kick myself for that one someday, but I felt like I did not have the money or the storage space to justify it.  Plus the set does not contain any minifigures.  My two favorites in the bunch are the Big bang Theory and the Ghostbusters set.

Lego Posted today on the United Kingdom Shop at home Website that 8 very iconic and Exclusive sets will be retiring soon.  If you are waiting for any of these, you should get them soon.  It just so happens that some of these are also on sale as well!  I am personally a little surprised at the Dr Who and the Wall-e.  But they probably have a limited production run.

ScreenHunter_1175 Oct. 22 09.22

I added like to these sets on all of the major site below.  I did also notice that some of these are sold out on some of the European sites.  But Amazon and Lego appear to have all of these for now.

All of these are on Amazon.  See below.

10236 12% off on Amazon site currently.  $218.99

Lego 10236 Ewok Village

Lego Site Link Here for Ewok Village.

Target Site Link here for Ewok Village

Lego Sandcrawler 75059 – 12% off for 262.99

Lego 75059 UCS Sandcrawler

Lego Site Link for Sandcrawler here

Target Site Link for Sandcrawler here

21302 Big Bang – Currently 28% off on Amazon Site


Big Bank Theory on Lego Site

Big Bang Theory on Target Site.

21304 Dr Who on Amazon for 13% off


Dr Who on Lego Site

Dr Who on Target Site

21108 Ghostbusters – 6% off on Amazon.


Ghostbusters set on Lego Site

Ghostbusters on Target Site

21303 Wall-e on Amazon


Wall-e on Lego Site

21303 on Target

10218 Pet Shop – Amazon Here


Pet Shop on Lego Site

10218 on Target Site

LEGO Creator Expert 10234 Sydney Opera House – Amazon


Sydney Opera House on Lego Site

10234 on Target Site

If you are waiting on any of these, I would not wait to long as they will start to clear out shortly.  Plus the hording will start.

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Lego Dimensions Character Cards Give Away at Brick Live

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It sounds like you walk around the conference and collect 20 cards and they give you a free Green Arrow figure!  Pretty sweet deal.  See here.  I saw this posted over on the Brick Fan here earlier today.  I also think that I saw this a few weeks ago on Brickset as well.  It sounds like they are gonna mark up the cards, so it may be difficult to get a set that is not messed up.  So, our only change on this side of the world is going to be eBay.  Here is a search to find them

Lego Dimensions Character Cards


The details are included below from the Bricklive site.  Here is a search to find them on eBay.  That is where I will get mine once they are being sold.



Each individual pack contains 8 random LEGO Dimensions Character Cards.

You will receive one Pack of Character Cards for each of the following BRICKLIVE activities:

– Play the LEGO Dimensions Demo (as many times as you like)

– Sit and watch the LEGO Dimensions presentation on the BRICKLIVE stage at 2pm

– Get your LEGO Dimensions poster signed on the LEGO Dimensions stand by TT Games (3pm daily)

– Have your photo taken with a LEGO Dimensions costume character (as often as you spot them!)

Also, keep your eyes open for our LEGO Dimensions Character Card Swap Zones where you can swap any duplicate cards you may have with other collectors. You’ll find them dotted about the show floor during your visit to BRICKLIVE.



  • The Green Arrow is available whilst stocks last. First come first served as have limited stock.
  • Cards are available whilst stocks last.
  • Only one Green Arrow per person
  • To redeem Green Arrow, you need to show the full set of 20 Character Cards  – which you get to keep after.
  • Stage presentation cards will only be given to anyone that is in a seat in the Live Stage area – so get there early.
  • For every LEGO Dimensions demo played, you will receive a pack of cards
  • Costume characters have a limited number of cards to giveaway
  • Poster signings take place on the LEGO Dimensions stand approx. 30mins after the Live Stage presentation ends
  • Poster signings take place in the VIP Lounge approx. 60mins after the Live Stage presentation ends
  • Please note that the back of each card will be marked permanently when redeeming your Green Arrow
  • Live Stage presentation timings can all be found at the Live Stage each day
  • Both Green Arrow and Character Card stocks are limited for each show day meaning there is an even opportunity whether you attend on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • Green Arrow and Character Cards hold no retial value
  • No purchase is necessary

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Lego Harry Potter Glow in the dark Prototype Hungarian Horntail Wings

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A contact of mine recently decided to list his set of Prototype Test Lego Glow in the Dark Hungarian Horntail Wings.  He currently has this pair of wings listed here on eBay.

Lego Harry Potter Hungarian Horntail 4767 Dragon Minifigure Prototype Glow in the Dark Wings

According to the seller, two attempts at the wings were made by the Lego group before they gave up on attempting to make these.    The seller states that these wings were made in 2004 and were meant to be put on the Hungarian Horntail.  In the end, they decided to use the mixed brown / black wings that you can see in the final design.

I do not know why they decided not to make these, but it appears that they did not like the result or they were too expensive to make.  Or maybe they just did not like the look of them.

I ended up pulling out my Horntail today so that I could look at it because I did not even realize that the wings were two colors.  If you do not have a horntail, I recommend that you get one as they are really difficult to find.

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Amazon Discounts Several Sets including the Capitol Building – Super Heroes and Minecraft

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If you just want to poke around at everything that is discounted by at least 25%, look here.

The best find in my opinion is the capital building.  I have listed several other good finds as well.  See here for 28% off.

Lego 21130 United States Capitol Building (1)

Here is the SpiderMan Bridge set as well that is discounted to $79.99.  See here


I posted about a lot of Super Hero sets that are on sale in this post yesterday.

Lego Marvel and DC Super Hero Sets on Sale

Last week, we saw quite a few Minecraft sets on sale as well.  It is changing constantly, so just click on one and poke around.  See here

Lego Minecraft Sets on Sale

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