A reader is selling a large collection of Exclusive Rare and Hard to find Minifigures including quite a few Employee Business Card Figures

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A friend and reader of the site is selling a large collection of about 40 very hard to find and rare minifigures.  This collection includes quite a few very nice figures and also quite a few Lego Employee Business Cards.  It is really a nice collection.    You can take a look at what he is selling here at his website.   I believe that he just has one of each of the figures for the more rare and exclusive figures, so take a look soon.  🙂

You can see the Employee figures that he is selling here.

He also has a White Boba Fett Keychain as well.  See here.

I am not affiliated with this seller, this is just a fellow collector that is selling some of his figures.  However, I have traded and bought figures from him in the past and had a very good experience.

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Lego Certified Professional Rotary Club of Darwen Set – Jubilee Tower Set

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This set just showed up on eBay here.  This is the first that I have seen or heard of this set.  The set has 816 pieces and it looks pretty realistic.  Source eBay here  This set looks to be from June 2016?

DO you have one of these sets?  If so, let me know if you built it and when you picked it up?

I found this link on the web of the club that produced this.  See here

Here is a pic of one built as well as the price of the sets when they still had them. – http://darwendays.blogspot.com/2016/06/model-mini-tower.html

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New Emoji Minifigures created by OYO – Called OYOji

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I love the name!!! OYOji’s

I just saw these emoticon minifigures posted by OYO as a new type of minifigure that they announced very recently.  It looks like they will have Positive OYOji’s, Negative OYOji’s and positive and negative OYOji’s for your favorite teams.  The heads look great in the large out of proportion format and I think that they hit on a neat idea with these.

Positive OYOji’s

Negative OYOji’s

Team OYOji’s

It looks like they even have OYO Overtime OYOji’s as well.  I love the name and the concept.  It looks great!

Source New York Toy Fair and here

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Amazing Lego Minifigure Collection and Display Case just keeps getting better

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Last week I messaged Rocky on Facebook after I saw a few pictures of his collection posted.  He has one of the most amazing collections and displays that I have ever seen for Star Wars.  After seeing some of these pictures, my collection suddenly seems trivial and mild.

I even went so far as to show these to my wife so that she could see that my collection was not that big after all.  lol.  This display is as I said amazing and it just keeps getting better!  Notice the multi colored LED lights!

These display cases are made up of multiple collection of these acrylic display cases as shown below.  These are made by a guy named Paul Hoffmann that is out of Toronto.  I am still looking for a web page or contact for Paul if anyone has one, please message me.

Here is a set of 6 of these where Rocky is starting another section for his minifigures.  I have been struggling with where and how to display these minifigures as close to 1000 star wars figures if not a trivial task!

Here are more pictures of his collection.  The square footage of these displays is just incredible!  Right click on the images to see in another window if you are going to click on them.

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Double Bagged Super Rare Gold C-3P0 minifigures – two in one sealed bag

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How super cool is this item.  Someone was lucky enough to get two of these in one bag when they found theirs.  I was recently made aware of this figure by a collector friend a few weeks ago and I thought that this would make a nice item in someones collection.  This has to be limited to one or two copies tops.  ANd would you believe that this just showed up on eBay here.

I found this here on eBay.  According to the auction seller.

“There is “2” LEGO gold C3PO minifigures in one Lego polybag! It was a Lego factory error, this bag is extremely rare!”

I do not think that you would want to open this as it would then just be two figures.  🙂

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LEGO Fanwelt 2012 Fanworld Convention from Cologne Deutschland.

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Two days in a row with really hard to find figures.  This rare figure just showed up on eBay.  I have not been able to track one of these down, so if anyone has one, please contact me at shawn@minifigpricegudie.com

you can see this here on eBay.  As the seller states, this was a promotional minifigure given away at Lego Fanwelt 2012 convention in Cologne Deutschland.

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Lego Ideas Minifigure Torso recently surfaced

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I saw this minifigure on eBay this past week and it took me a while, but I located the image that a reader sent me with this minifigure about a year ago.  I have also seen this on another post as well from a user on Flickr, but I cannot find it today.  If anyone can point me to it, please do.

Here is the listing on eBay of the current minifigure.  See it here


So I am asking for help if anyone knows the origin of this figure.

The reader received this figure from the Lego directly, but I had thought that this figure was generally given to people when they received 10,000 supporters on the Lego ideas site.  I had also thought that it was just the torso that was sent.  That is what I saw on the Flickr page if I remember correctly.  That would explain why the one on eBay does not have the hat.  🙂  But I think I like the hat on it!

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