Lego DC Comics Wonder Woman 76075 Warrior Battle Set First Images

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I just saw these on Delta Customs here.  I am not sure if this set is from the Movie, or just inspired by the movie.  It looks like it is pulled from here on Entertainment Weekly.


It looks like we are getting another figure like Giant Man from the Ant Man set!

LEGOS DC Comics Super Heroes CR: LEGO/DC Comics

Let me know what you think!

Collectors Corner – How do you display your minifigures – This is how Steve displays his minifigures

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A reader Steve from Germany sent me some photos of his collection.  See below.  He has found another case that I have not seen that is very similar to the IKEA Ribba frame.  He said that he picked the small cases up at this store here.  He has quite a large wall of these and they look stunning together.

Here is an individual frame with the Disney figures.

Here are some labeled Star Wars figures.  This case is huge!


Here is a picture of the small display case from the website where he picked these up.

Thanks for looking and please send me pictures of your collection when you get a chance!


New Lego Star Wars Sets and Figures also showed up on as well

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I think that quite a few sets showed up on over the past week.  I was particularly interested in the the Batman Movie Sets that I posted yesterday as well as the Star ones that I am posting below.  Let me know what you think.  I am particularly impressed with the Quad Jumper set.  I put the largest pics that I could of the minifigures at the bottom of the post.


Thanks for looking


Wave II of the Lego Batman MOvie Sets Official Box Art Images surfaced

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It looks like wave II of the Lego Batman Movie Sets have had their official Box art image surface finally.    I think that these sets look pretty awesome overall!  Let me know what you think…

Per a few sites and Eurobricks, it looks like these showed up on  I checked tonight, but they were all gone now.  However google still had them.  🙂

Here are the individual images.


Thanks for looking

Collectors Corner – How do you display your Minifigures – This is how Tushar displays his minifigures

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I meant to do this post Sunday night, but I ended up working on on my real job instead.  🙁  This is another great collection that reader Tushar Dadarwala sent me some pictures of and I must say it looks fabulous!  Tushar is an IT professional like myself and he even has his own web page here.  I have found that quite a few IT people like to collect Lego figures.  I bet a psychologist could tell us why!  lol.

Tushar sent me a few pictures and some information about his shelf.  I must say that everytime I see a new way to display Lego minifigures, I say to myself, I should have done it that way!  So many awesome ideas exist!  As always, please message me on facebook if you have a collection to display and I will post it in a feature article.  No collection is too big or too small!

Per Tushar – here is a description of his case.  He even sent me a video demo of the case lighting system!

See below.

“Wooden case is 5’x3′, plexiglass doors and LED lighting. I had is commissioned by Aryow Studios.
Here is the YouTube video of this same exact case. He posted it after completion.

5’x3′ – Display
Display has 10 rows. Each row holds 46 MFs (2 pegs apart)
Display also has another row of pegs on top of the case (can also be used to display MFs)

The German soccer team case:
– IKEA ribba frame
– my own brick built shelf system for the MFs

The Olympic Team
– IKEA ribba frame
– printed logo on for background
– glued bricks onto background
– all team members can be seen.”

Here are a few more pictures of Tushar’s Display cases!

Finally, I goggled the web page address for Arrow Studios, the person that made the above shelf.   Here is the price list if you are interested in looking.

price list

Thanks for looking


Collectors Corner – How do you display your minifigures – This is how Claus Displays his

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Two readers posted pictures of their collections on my facebook page yesterday and I reached out to both of them to get some better pictures and to learn a little more about their display cases.

The first reader, Claus Mayr-Zaininger used multiples of a pretty nice looking case that I have never seen before.  He said that he picked this case up in German on this site here.   This is the actual display case listing here.  It looks to be about 24 Euro’s each.    I will be posting pictures of the second reader’s case later tonight!

Here is a picture of Claus’s complete display.  These cases hold 24 figures each and really come together nicely.   If you notice in his display, he actually turned the cases and displayed them in portrait mode.

Here are a few more detail up close images of his collection!  Notice the Mr Gold tucked in the display!

Olympic and Soccer Players

Mr Gold!

Finally, here is the box that the display case is shipped in.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed this collection as much as I did.  If you have a collection of a display case to share, I would love to see it!  Just send me an email or message me on Facebook.