Lego House – Home of the Brick – Minifigure first official picture on Lego FaceBook site

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We saw this figure about a month or so ago when a seller out of Kladno posted it on eBay.    You can see the auction here.

Since then, I have not heard anything about it until today when it was posted here on the LegoIdeaHouse facebook page.  No details were given, just a post of a female version of the figure.

We do not know anything more about this figure at the moment, but I would assume that it will be a promotion at the Lego Idea House?  If anyone know, please message me.

Here is the front and the back of the figure.

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Target to get an Exclusive Batgirl Minifigure with HD Blu-Ray Batman Movie Set

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You know the drill.  One store always gets the exclusive minifigure that will force all of us to get The Lego Batman Movie.  🙂  I have quite a collection of Lego movies on my shelf.

Target has just posted this on their site.  The Batgirl figure looks very similar to the others with a new face.   So, it appears that Buzz’s girlfriend will get a new expression.  🙂

Source Target Site here.

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Lego 71018 Series 17 Highwayman has been revealed on Instagram by Lego_Collector_Dad

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It sounds like he picked it up at legoland in Billund?  Way to break out a secret!

Here is the image link just in case.

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Collectors Corner Minifigure Display – How do you display your Minifigures – Here is how Kay M displays her Collection

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Kay M sent me a few pictures of her minifigure collection this week.  her collection currently consists of the following

  • Series 1 to 16
  • Disney
  • UK Olympic set (One of my favorites)
  • Simpsons Series 1 and 2
  • Some additional Star Wars and the Batman Series

Her figures are prodly displayed on the shelves that you see below.  Kay stated that these shelves were custom made by a friend of hers and I think that they look great!

These appear to solve the dust problem quite nicely with a clear plexiglass front.  It also looks like it will keep small interested hands out as the fronts look like they are screwed on.  That is a very sophisticated locking mechanism for small children!  🙂

This reminds me of a funny story.  I was having a party once in my back yard for my son that was still in pre-school  and I walked over to see three small children (3-5)  looking through the slats of my backyard deck at a pile of minifigures that they had pushed through the slats and were now forever gone in a file of mud 2 feet under my deck.  Their was no reasonable way to get to this part of the deck underneath.  I quickly ran into the house and looked at my display shelf only to discover those very same figure missing.  🙁  I was so mad, but the kids were just doing what kids do.  Playing with legos.  In an effort to right the wrong, I quickly went to bricklink and recorded the abandoned minifigures.  However, last year, I replaced my deck and while they were tearing up the old one, I was able to recover the old weathered minifigures.  I kept them as a memento and put them on display with the others.

Hats off to Kay as these shelves look great and offer a great solution to displaying the minifigures.  It also looks like she can get one Series per a shelf.  Kay looks like she will need her friend to make a forth one shortly as she is running out of room!

Kay also mentioned that the front of the case it curved to allow for viewing from different angles.  I bet this also helps with taking a picture.  I always need to take the glass or plexiglass off of mine to take a picture to eliminate the glare.  🙂

Case # 1 includes Series 1 – 7 and the Disney Series

Case #2 includes Series 8 to 14 and the Olympic set

Case # 2 includes Series 15 and 16, Batman Movie Series and Simpsons Series 1 and Series 2.  It also includes a few miscellaneous Star Wars figures.

More Rumors of the Lego Star Wars 40th Anniversary UCS Millennium Falcon – rumored to come with 7 or 8 minifigures with a cost of $600 USD

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I am pretty much convinced that we will be getting this set this year and we have a few new Rumors from a reliable source over on Eurobricks today.    According to Stash2Sixx on Eurobricks we will be getting this set in October with a rumored price of $600.  It also looks like we will be getting 7 or 8 minifigures as follows with this set.

Hoth Leia

Hoth Han





Old Man Han

Possibly Mynock

What do you think?

Collectors Corner Minifigure Display – How do you display your Minifigures – Here is how Christina M displays her Harry Potter Minifigure Collection

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Christina said that she is missing three figures.  Can you tell which ones?

I am continuing my latest attempt to post nice looking minifigure collections and displays.  If you have a collection to display, please message me on facebook with some pictures and I will post your collection also!

Christina M (facebook) sent me these great looking photos of her Harry Potter Minifigure and Set collection.  She has also come up with a great way to display these as well.  She has even come up with an interesting way to hang the sets on the wall using display shelves.  She even added her cat into the display!!!! lol.

As I stated above, Christina said that she is missing three figures.  Can you see which ones?  Please post a comment if you can find them.  Either comment below, or on the Facebook post.  Christina said the she does have the new dimensions figures, but that they are not in the display yet, so we are looking for three classic minifigures that are missing.

Here is a picture of how that these are displayed on the wall.  Note the security guard watching over the collection!

Here is a picture of an awesome MOC that she has as well

Here are a few more close ups of the figures.

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