Lego EIS Waste Services Limited Edition Lory Kit is limited to 50 sets worldwide

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Here is a Set that I have never seen before.  This particular seller has three of four that I have not seen before.  You can see this set here.

This set was made by the Company Printabrick and is the same company that produced the Stena Lego Certified Professional set.  However, I do not believe that this set is a Certified Professional Set.

I thought that this set was an interesting find.  It is based on the Mercedes Econic Bin Lorry SV64HWY.

Source eBay

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Lego 71019 Ninjago Movie Collectible Minifigure Series – All 20 figures revealed by Lego

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The first time in a long while, we did not see a leak of any sort on this.  Or at least I did not.  Lego revealed these over on Twitter yesterday and today.  Here are all 20 images that were revealed.

Here are the individual images.

N-POP Girl
Flashback Garmadon
Shark Army Ranger
Shark Army Octopus
GPL Tech
Kai Kendo
Volcano Garmadon
Spinjitzu Training Nya
Master Wu
Jay Walker
Shark Army General #1
Sushi Chef
Lloyd Garmadon
Gong & Guitar Rocker
Shark Army Great White

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Lego Exclusive Shanghai Disneyland Minifigure comes in at least three varieties

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I just saw this posted up on eBay.  The listing appears to indicate that it is limited to 300, but I am not sure.  I was able to see three different varieties, but they appear to just have different heads and legs.  The torsos all appear to be the same.

I found some auctions on eBay for these.   See the links below.

Set of all three

Male Blond Hair

Male Black Hair


Another Female 

Another Blond Male

One more Female

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Exclusive Penguin Minifigure comes with a few free books

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We saw this a few days ago on Amazon, but now Lego has revealed a better image of the Exclusive Penguin Minifigure that comes in this Exclusive DK Book pack.  You can look at the pre-order options on Amazon here.  Expected release date is September 26th 2017.

Get an exclusive The Penguin (Arkham Asylum) Minifigure and two exciting movie tie-in books, The LEGO Batman Movie: The Essential Collection and The LEGO Batman Movie Ultimate Sticker Book all together in a slipcase. Start off with and expanded edition of The LEGO Batman Movie: The Essential Collection which is the perfect companion to LEGO Batman’s first solo movie. Explore the heroes, villains, vehicles and locations through images from the movie. Then discover fun and informative captions with a range of engaging stickers in a brand new The LEGO Batman Movie Ultimate Sticker Book, focused on the villains of Gotham City with full-color stickers that can be used to create a reference book you will want to keep.

This figure is pretty similar to the one that we saw earlier in the Target Set, except he has an orange jump suit on.


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Denver Colorado Store of the year 2007 – Maxi Figure

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I just saw this image over on Kevin Hinkle’s Flickr account trying to locate another minifigure.  You can see it here.

Per Kevin on the image from the flickr page.

LEGO® “Store of the Year” Trophy

A LEGO® Maxifigure trophy created to award the LEGO® Outlet, at Colorado Mills as “LEGO® Store of the Year” for 2007! What an honor to say the least! The LEGO® store in Denver was given this prestigious award as a sign of all the hard work and dedication in terms of customer service, product knowledge, and excellent sales performance. Unfortunately there was a mix up with the actual trophy and several issues prevented the real deal from ever making it to our store. By the time the model was fixed and ready to roll it was 2009 and another store had won for “Store of the Year 2008,” and needless to say the trophy was needed else where. The only record our store ever had of this honor was the small name plate sent to us to be added to the trophy upon receipt. I used my LEGO® building skills to replicate the trophy from description and spray painted the final piece gold. To be honest the end result came out great, and the tone even matched the gold bricks included with sets perfectly! I added the name plate and viola! This currently sits in the back office as I have donated the piece to the store.”

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Lego Exclusive Official Seymour Papert Minifigure – founder of Lego Mindstorms

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A friend of mine just picked up one of these ultra exclusive minifigures of the founder of Lego Mindstorms among other things.  You can see another pic of this figure here as well as some more information here.  I have no idea how many of these were made, but it is at least 3! lol

It goes without saying that if you have one of these, please contact me if you are willing to part with it.  You can reach me at

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