Lego Certified Professional Snap-On Tools Certified Professional Adam Reed Tucker Van

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I just saw yet another Lego Snap On Tolls Certified Professional Set over on eBay here. This one is a 1950’s Display Van created by Adam Reed Tucker.  This one includes a minifigure as well.  I wonder if it is a sticker or printed!

Source eBay

This is a super nice looking set and I imagine that it is this years set and we may see a few more of these.  I know that these are super hard to find and I have only seen a handful of the prior models!

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Finally Easter Bunny Batman – But for Halloween – Exclusive Toys R US Bricktober Set found in Germany

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I just saw this over on Promobricks here.  It appears that Toys R Us put their Bricktober Minifigure set up on the site a little early this year.  It was quickly taken down, but the damage was done and it is showing up everywhere this morning.  Toys R Us was letting people order a maximum of one of these sets for 14.99 Euro’s each.

I am not sure that my collection needed 4 more Batman minifigures, but at least these are fun and useable for Mocs and I like all four of them.

Money Batman

Easter Bunny Batman

Sorcerer Batman?

Gladiator Batman

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I saw a post this morning which I shared on my facebook page from K & S Lego’s Facebook page.  I instantly followed them and I suggest that you do the same!  See here.  

Because I liked the collection so much and because I saw another post with the Batman Collection as well, I decided to reach out to them to see if I could post some images and get a few more.  They responded and sent me the pictures below.  This collection also led me to Enoch’s collection as well which I will post later this evening.  So I am glad I reached out to say Hi!

I must say that this is quite the collection and a very nice way to display the Lego SDCC minifigures!  Spectacular!   I have always struggled with how to display the SDCC figures and not remove them from the cases.

I am a particular fan of the Stan Lee autographed SDCC Captain America Figure.  I am currently bidding on one of these in eBay right now, but I think it is going to go over my price point shortly.  I was just outbid at $250.  

Here are a few more images of this collection.  I included a link to two videos on his facebook page as well at the bottom of this post.

As promised, here are two videos of this collection.  Check out in particular how he has labeled the individual figures!  It looks awesome!

Video 1

Video 2

I heard that these cases were custom made by an outside party and they look really really nice.

As always, if you have a collection to post, please contact me via facebook, or drop me an email at

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You can see more of LEGOMAN_SCOTLAND collection here on Instagram.  He has an awesome collection and it include almost all of the rare minifigures that you could be looking for.

I noticed this picture on his page nad he sent me over a hi resolution image to post so that everyone could get a good look!  This is a wall / room divider that consists of 70 Large Lego Display cases.  See here on Amazon.     This is a lot of these in case you are wondering.

You can click on the image to see a larger resolution image, or you can click on the images below to see the detail of each section blown up.

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Lego House Home of the Brick Polybag 624210 and 40296

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It appears that a few more polybags are being released at the Lego House and a reader posted this one in response you my post on the chef minifigure in the 40295 polybag here

This one appears to be available in both Lego and Duplo.  They have a machine on site that scans your wristband and randomly picks one of the 9 trillion combinations possible from the 6 2×4 bricks. It then prints a card out with the random combination and your name, and the on site molding machine makes your bricks, packages them, and drops them in front of you.

This is absolutely incredible.

In addition to this, here is another polybag 40296 called Build Your Meal as well.

and finally, an exclusive Lego House Fish Tank Build

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Lego House Exclusive Chef Minifigure – Polybag Set Number 40295

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It looks like this new set from the The Lego House in Billund has shown its head.  It looks to be a pretty sweet looking minifigure that many of you will want to add to your collection.  I have no idea how this one will be distributed, but I will be keeping an eye out.  We should see more of it in short order.  If you look at the pictures below, it is a chef minifigure with the Lego House logo on the back of the Torso.  He has a chefs hat and a piece of chicken.

We are still looking to see where this one will be given away as well.

I thought that this polybag was going to be this one I posted a few months ago, but it appears to be a different figure all together!  If you do not know about the Lego House, you can learn more about it here.

Here are some better pics of the Polybag.

Thanks for looking and if you know anything more about this set, please add comment below the post!