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Extremely Exclusive Lego Wooden Wu Minifigure revealed – Yes – it is really made of Wood

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This figure is so exclusive that only 4 were made as movie props for the Lego Ninjago Movie.  In Extremely rare and it appears that at least one had made its way to the wild.

Source Twitter here

Well, that is if you consider Simon Lucas, senior creative director at LEGO and executive producer of the LEGO Ninjago Movie having it to be in the wild!.  This morning, he posted this tweet showing one of the 4 Wooden Wu minifigures that were created as props for the Lego Ninjago Movie.  He commented in the tweet “I just realised that I might have one of the rarest mini figures on the planet”  and I think I may have to agree with him.

EDIT:  I think that this figure deserves a special place on the top 100 list and I gave it the number 2 position to go along with his statement “one of the rarest figures on the planet!”  See my updated top 100 list here

He also stated that he did not get the case for the figure 🙁

This is a really neat find and I think it may deserve a spot near the top of my top 100 minifigure list.  See here.  I may just do that today.  🙂

He also added a picture of scratched up LLoyd as well.  See below.

Thanks for looking

Blocks Magazine has a new Promotional Minifigure for sale – Brick Wife Minifigure

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Not much to say about this, but I have been collecting all of these and this is the 6th figure that I know of.  You can order it here for about 10 pounds.  You can also get the t-shirt figure as well still.  I have not seen it, so I am just guessing, but it probably comes in a clamshell like the others.

Here is a pic of the t-shirt figure

Here is a link to the other ones.

and the zombie

Thanks for looking

Lego Technic Promotional Minifigure Tag der offenen Tür 1997 BAAR Switzerland Very Rare

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Well Google translate translated this “Tag der offenen Tür” as  “Open Day Baar” which I thought was kind of funny and though t where is the Beer!  lol.  

Anyways, the story behind this figure is that I saw it over on eBay here about a month ago.   I posted it to Facebook since I do not collect Technic figures (yet) thinking that someone would snatch it up immediately.  However, after a few days, I noticed that no one had bid on it, so in the last few minutes I decided to add it to my collection so that I could get a look at it and research it a little more!  It cost me $49 US which I did not think was that bad.

This is my first ever Technic figure and I was a little surprised at the size of it as it is much bigger than I had expected.

I did a quick video of the figure here so you can get a better look at it.

A reader pointed me to this link over on eurobricks that states that this figure is from a plastics and Injection Moulding conference in 1997.  The date on the figure is June 21st 1997.  If anyone knows more about this figure or of any other similiar figures, please post a comment below.

Thanks for looking



Lego House – Home of the Brick – Minifigure first official picture on Lego FaceBook site

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We saw this figure about a month or so ago when a seller out of Kladno posted it on eBay.    You can see the auction here.

Since then, I have not heard anything about it until today when it was posted here on the LegoIdeaHouse facebook page.  No details were given, just a post of a female version of the figure.

We do not know anything more about this figure at the moment, but I would assume that it will be a promotion at the Lego Idea House?  If anyone know, please message me.

Here is the front and the back of the figure.

Thanks for looking


LEGO Fanwelt 2012 Fanworld Convention from Cologne Deutschland.

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Two days in a row with really hard to find figures.  This rare figure just showed up on eBay.  I have not been able to track one of these down, so if anyone has one, please contact me at

you can see this here on eBay.  As the seller states, this was a promotional minifigure given away at Lego Fanwelt 2012 convention in Cologne Deutschland.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed this.

Lego Klado Employee Factory Gift in 2005 – Wanted

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I have only seen a few of these and I do not know how many were created.  Since it was such a long time ago, I am guessing that quite a few of these were played with or given to kids making them difficult to find.  This one that I just found in eBay is the first that I have seen in a long time.  Source eBay here

With that said, I am looking for 1 or 2 of these if you have any.  Please contact me at or on Facebook.

Source eBay here

Thanks for looking and good luck finding one!