Lego Batman Movie Series 2 Collectible MInifigures have been spotted – 71020

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Just saw a few more pictures posted up on Facebook here.  The box Art and the minifigure packages.


Lego 71020 – Well, at least the official flyer has been spotted.  It was just here over on reddit by user hiroki1998

The look Awesome!  ALso, they should be easy to pick out as most of them have a pretty unique accessory.

These are supposed to be released in January 2018, so we should be seeing the minifigure packets shortly.  Here is the list of the characters.  Sorry folks, no St. Batrick’s Day Batman yet…. or Samurai minifigure….

  • Disco Harley or Friends and Family Harley
    • With a ballerina skirt
  • Disco Alfred or Fiends and Family Alfred
    • With a Guitar
  • Clock King
    • Someone over on Eurobricks said that Clock King has two spears because they represent the hands of a clock.
    • It is possible that this head is a new mold, but I do not think so.  It will depend on the eyes.
  • Hugo Strange
    • With two beakers.  Green and Purple.
    • see here for who this is
  • Mer-Bat
    • With a trident and Mermaid tail!
    • Is he wearing a Bikini top?
  • Swimming Pool Batman with Dolphin
    • Yes, Batman gets a full size Dolphin and a rescue Buoy
    • Another bare torso for us to use.
  • Vacation Joker
    • WIth a camera to take pics of Barbara
    • Or should we call it “The Killing Joke Joker?”
    • Inner Tube, Camera and possibly and ice cream?
  • Vacation Robin
    • With Boombox and an Ice Cream cone
  • Vacation Batgirl
    • With a batgirl Surfboard…..
  • Vacation Alfred
    • WIth a Drink Glass and a Cherry?  I cannot quite make it out….
  • Soccer Mom Batgirl or Fan Batgirl
    • This is the only new mold that has been spotted yet.  The hood.  She also has Bat Bucks!
    • Batman Fan Club Torso!  Yes!
  • Killer Moth
    • WIth a gold Retro Ray Gun
  • Jayna
    • I had to look this one up.  No Gleek.  I cannot make out the accessories.  See here
  • Zan
    • With a water bucket?  I had to look this one up also.  It appears that Zan transforms into water.  See here
    • No Gleek though – here is a pic of what Gleek could have looked like….  I saw these posted here on eurobricks
      • Making of the Lego Batman movie
  • Apache Chief
    • Not sure what the accessory is.
  • Jor-El
    • DId he have a beard in the movie?
    • Is this the perfect head for a George Lucas Minifigure?
  • General Zod
    • Can anyone read the newspaper title?
  • Doctor Phosphorus
    • Lets hope for a possible Glow in the Dark figure?  Anyone have a guess?
  • Black Canary
    • with a mic and stand.
  • Black Vulcan from the Super Friends.  See here

Thanks for looking