Lego Cars

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This is just a fun page of the cars made out of Legos that I have found.  I try to post really nice ones.  If you see some that I did not post, let me know.  This is a work in progress and I am sure that many more exist.

Lego 240Z from Flickr User LegoMarat

A real one from here.  Click to see more pics of this sweet ride.

From the carblog

The real one from this video.


Mazda 787B 1991 Spec from bobalexander! – This looks like it could use a few stickers for the numbers.  Opps, did I say that?

Mazda 787B (1991 spec)

Mazda 787B (1991 Spec)

and the real one from wikipedia


Alfa Romeo 4C spider by Flickr user Jeroen Ottens

AR4C 005_

Here is the real one.



Here are a few from user  Firas Abu-Jaber




And the real one.  Wow, that is really good for Lego.


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