Lego Certified Professional limited edition St Edmundsbury Cathedral LEGO bricks Kit

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I just saw this over on eBay here.   It looks like someone is selling these over on eBay.   It has been quiet on finding new Certified Professional Sets, but here is a new one.  Please see below for the links to the church website where they are selling these directly.

Lego Certified Professional St Edmundsbury Cathedral Official Box

I did a little research and it looks like they picked it up here on the St Edmundsbury web site / Facebook page.  They are selling these in the gift shop.  Good luck.

Here on Facebook

Here on website. – According to the website, they have a larger model coming out in a few weeks.  I am assuming that this one is Bright Bricks as well, but I cannot find it on the box yet.

Here is the full list of all of these sets that I have found.

Lego Certified Professionla Sets