Lego Certified Professional mini Boekentoren Stam Set in Tin Can

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This is a scale model of the library tower of the University of Ghent, Belgium. STAM is the name of the official city museum, where the original Lego model was being displayed.  This set was designed by Dirk Denoyelle and is most likely limited to 500 units as well.

I just found this over on eBay and the original images of this one appear to be pulled down from the Museum site.  I think that they used to have pdf instructions as well, but they are no longer posted.  A reader had saved them and can send them to you if you message me.

Here is another image from over on twitter

I will add this to the list of all of the others.  You can see them here  You may need to wait for a sec while the list is created.Just keep scrolling.  I think I have found about 50 of these.

Thanks for looking