Lego Everyday Objects that Look Real

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Here is an Chemistry Desk and Wrench from Flick User mmbace

Chemistry Teacher's Desk

Pipe Wrench

And a Sled

Flexible Flyer

This power strip looks great from Flickr User Matt Bace

Power Strip

Lego Arcade Machines – These make me want to build a mini arcade and make more.  From Flick User BreaksBricks72


Lego Pay Phone.  I wonder if you could make this work?  It would not be that difficult.  The payphone and the brush are from this Flickr User Sean and Steph Mayo

Lego Pay Phone

My wife left her Brush on the Ground?  Wait its really Legos

Lego Hairbrush

From Flickr user Monsterbrick

From Flickr user kosmassantosa

A Box of Chocolate

These are from Flickr User Carlmerriam

This has got to be huge.  The burnt match is especially impressive.



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