One of a Kind – Official Lego Universe Prototype Minifigure with 3D printed capsule from Lego

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I saw this post on reddit yesterday and I reached out to the person that posted it for a few more pictures and some backstory on this.  The individual that posted this worked at Lego as the Community Manager for the Lego Universe Game and he went by the name “Elementron” in game play.  If you played the game, you may probably crossed paths with him at some point!

While working on the game, he was given this amazing Lego Prototype minifigure and 3D printed case of this personalized Lego Universe Minifigure.

It sounds like Lego was considering selling individual minifigures that the players designed in game and one reader on the post confirmed this with this picture that was sent out as part of a Lego Survey to some of the players!  See here for some details regarding the Minifigure Factory –  This link also has what some of the options for the different figures were potentially going to be!

It is unfortunate that this never became a reality, but it is super sweet to see that this prototype survived and was not stuffed in a toy chest somewhere.   Here are some more detailed pictures of the minifigure for you to look at.

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