Hamleys Exclusive Royal Guard Minifigure Just posted over on Bricksfanz and eBay – Item 5005233

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EDIT:  Someone just posted some of these on eBay here.  We now know the item number. 5005233 – Lego, Brand New, Sealed, Royal Guard Polybag – 5005233 / item – 6217609 – Exclusive to Hamleys in Regent Street, London store Only


A reader also sent me a pic of one of these built – as well.


Just saw this over here on bricksfanz.com  He also has a pic of the minifigure as well.  Word on the street is that it will be under $10 bucks!  It was posted by someone named Mark Campbell on Facebook, but he has since hidden his profile.  You can see the link here in bricksfanz.com

Thanks for looking

49 New Hi Resolution DC and Marvel and Batman And Mighty Micros and Justice League Minifigures found today

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As the title states, I located 49 new Hi Resolution minifigure Images!  Have fun.


Lego 76093 Nightwing
Lego 76094 Braniac
Lego 76094 Supergirl
Lego 76089 Sandman
Lego 76089 Scarlet Spider
Lego 76090 Nebula
Lego 76090 Star Lord
Lego 76091 Loki
Lego 76091 Thor
Lego 76092 Batman
Lego 76092 Harley Quinn



Lego 76093 Joker


Black Panther Sets

Lego 76100 Ulysses Klaue
Lego 76100 Nakia Black Panther
Lego 76100 Nakia (2)
Lego 76100 Killmonger
Lego 76099 Okoye
Lego 76099 Kill Monger
Lego 76099 Black Panther (1)

Batman Movie Figures

Lego 70923 Bat Space Shuttle Firestarter Batman Suit
Lego 70923 Bat Space Shuttle Catwoman
Lego 70923 Bat Space Shuttle Dick Grayson
Lego 70923 Bat Space Shuttle Batman Space Suit
Lego 70923 Bat Space Shuttle Batman Reggae Man
Lego 70921 Harley Quinn
Lego 70921 Gentleman Ghost
Lego 70921 Crazy Quilt
Lego 70920 Egghead Mech Foodfight Egghead Condiment King
Lego 70920 Egghead Mech Foodfight Egghead (1)
Lego 70920 Egghead Mech Foodfight Batman

DC Justice League and others

Lego 70923 Bat Space Shuttle Catwoman
Lego 76096 Superman
Lego 70919 Lego DC Superheroes Wonder Dog
Lego 70919 Lego DC Superheroes Superman
Lego 70919 Lego DC Superheroes Hawkgirl
Lego 70919 Lego DC Superheroes Green Arrow
Lego 70919 Lego DC Superheroes El Dorado
Lego 70919 DC Superheroes Captain Boomerang
Lego 76098 Reverse Flash
Lego 76098 Killer Frost (1)
Lego 76098 Flash
Lego 76098 Cyborg
Lego 76097 Wonder Woman
Lego 76097 Lex Luthor
Lego 76097 Firestorm (2)
Lego 76097 Cheetah
Lego 76096 Lobo Krypto
Lego 76096 Lobo (1)

Marvel other figures

Lego 76088 Loki

Lego 76088 HulkThanks for looking

Minifigures from the Lego on the Loose Exhibition at the Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife World circa 2011

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I do not know a lot about these two figures except that they were passed out for free with your paid admission to the Lego on the Loose Exhibition at the Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife World circa 2011.  I learned this from the person that I picked them up from in 2015 and I also have some confirmation of this over here at modelbuildingsecrets.wordpress.com … in particular, this image.  You can also read up on these here on brickset forum as well.   Before you bug the guy that posted this, I picked up my set from him, so they are already gone.

Based on the time frame and the the fact that they are all standard parts other than the blue aquarist torso, I am guessing that the aquarium picked up these printed torsos and the other parts from Lego.  Both figures appear to use the Max head and the safari dude appears to use the Luke Skywalker Cloud City torso.

I thought that you might find this enjoyable and good luck hunting.


Lego Mr Rebrick Minifigure Contest Winner

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I posted this a few  days ago and this auction is almost over, so I thought I would do a quick write up in the rare minifigure.   I thought that this one was interesting since the seller is one of the rebrick contest winners and is still listed on the site.  See it here on eBay

Source eBay

This Rebrick minifigure was given out to winners of the Rebrick contest over the past years.  Rebrick is LEGO’s official website for LEGO contests for adult fans.  You can see this site here.

This minifigure features the Rebrick logo on the front of the torso and the LEGO logo and rebrick URL on the back of the torso.

The seller states in the auction that he won this Mr. Rebrick for placing as a semifinalist in the LEGO “Best Friends” Contest for his MOC (model), “Friends in Time.”  See the contest winner(s) here

I have included a picture of this winning entry so you can see what it looks like.

To add to the provenance, the seller states that he will also include copies of the emails that he received when he won the contest.  You can see part of one of the emails here.  


Thanks for looking and good luck

Lego Marvel and DC 2018 Mighty Micros Sets just revealed

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It looks like we have 6 new ways to get some nice looking figures and with short legs!

76092 Mighty Micros DC Comics Batman vs Harley Quinn
76093 Mighty Micros DC Comics Nightwing vs The Joker
76094 Mighty Micros DC Comics Supergirl vs. Brainiac
76089 Marvel Mighty Micros Scarlet Spider vs. Sandman
76090 Marvel Mighty Micros Star-Lord vs Nebula
76091 Marvel Mighty Micros Thor vs Loki

Thanks for looking

Wanted – Lego 2013 to 2017 Monterrey Carrera 5K Minifigure

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EDIT:  I am updating this post to include all of the Lego 5K minifigures in an attempt to see if I can locate a few of the other ones.   These figures were given to people over that several years that participated in one of the Lego 5k races in Monterrey Mexico.

If you have one of these that you would be willing to sell, please contact me Please contact me on FaceBook or use my email address shawn@minifigpriceguide.com and I will get right back to you.  I am looking for the 2013,2014,2015,2016 and 2017 figures.

Info about the 2017 figure is below.

This past week Lego had its annual 5k and 2k race to support this foundation here .  As usual at these races, the have passed out a male and a female Lego minifigure to the participants of this race.  As usual, I would like to add a set of these to my collection and I was hoping that anyone interested in selling might contact me.  I am interested in purchasing one or a set of these figures.  I am willing to pay a reasonable price for these figures.  Please contact me on FaceBook or use my email address shawn@minifigpriceguide.com and I will get right back to you.

Here are details of the race here

Thanks for looking



Lego Batman Movie Series 2 Collectible MInifigures have been spotted – 71020

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Just saw a few more pictures posted up on Facebook here.  The box Art and the minifigure packages.


Lego 71020 – Well, at least the official flyer has been spotted.  It was just here over on reddit by user hiroki1998

The look Awesome!  ALso, they should be easy to pick out as most of them have a pretty unique accessory.

These are supposed to be released in January 2018, so we should be seeing the minifigure packets shortly.  Here is the list of the characters.  Sorry folks, no St. Batrick’s Day Batman yet…. or Samurai minifigure….

  • Disco Harley or Friends and Family Harley
    • With a ballerina skirt
  • Disco Alfred or Fiends and Family Alfred
    • With a Guitar
  • Clock King
    • Someone over on Eurobricks said that Clock King has two spears because they represent the hands of a clock.
    • It is possible that this head is a new mold, but I do not think so.  It will depend on the eyes.
  • Hugo Strange
    • With two beakers.  Green and Purple.
    • see here for who this is
  • Mer-Bat
    • With a trident and Mermaid tail!
    • Is he wearing a Bikini top?
  • Swimming Pool Batman with Dolphin
    • Yes, Batman gets a full size Dolphin and a rescue Buoy
    • Another bare torso for us to use.
  • Vacation Joker
    • WIth a camera to take pics of Barbara
    • Or should we call it “The Killing Joke Joker?”
    • Inner Tube, Camera and possibly and ice cream?
  • Vacation Robin
    • With Boombox and an Ice Cream cone
  • Vacation Batgirl
    • With a batgirl Surfboard…..
  • Vacation Alfred
    • WIth a Drink Glass and a Cherry?  I cannot quite make it out….
  • Soccer Mom Batgirl or Fan Batgirl
    • This is the only new mold that has been spotted yet.  The hood.  She also has Bat Bucks!
    • Batman Fan Club Torso!  Yes!
  • Killer Moth
    • WIth a gold Retro Ray Gun
  • Jayna
    • I had to look this one up.  No Gleek.  I cannot make out the accessories.  See here
  • Zan
    • With a water bucket?  I had to look this one up also.  It appears that Zan transforms into water.  See here
    • No Gleek though – here is a pic of what Gleek could have looked like….  I saw these posted here on eurobricks
      • Making of the Lego Batman movie
  • Apache Chief
    • Not sure what the accessory is.
  • Jor-El
    • DId he have a beard in the movie?
    • Is this the perfect head for a George Lucas Minifigure?
  • General Zod
    • Can anyone read the newspaper title?
  • Doctor Phosphorus
    • Lets hope for a possible Glow in the Dark figure?  Anyone have a guess?
  • Black Canary
    • with a mic and stand.
  • Black Vulcan from the Super Friends.  See here

Thanks for looking

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